Playing 500 video games isn’t difficult. It sounds like a lot, but ask anybody who lists reading as a passion and they won’t even be able to count the number of books they’ve completed in their lifetime.

Ranking them all in a coherent list, however, is nearly impossible and almost definitely stupid. What’s the point? Who is going to read this? Am I just painting a giant bulls-eye for criticism?

Yup. But if it means I have a tangible excuse to contemplate whether I liked Gemini Rue more or less than Kingdom Hearts 2, I’m game. It will take a long time; you’ll certainly disagree with my choices within a few clicks. But if I’m writing and you’re reading, I’m happy.

None of the games on this list are bad. I heavily research my game purchases before taking the plunge, so you won’t find anything like Extreme Paintbrawl here. I’ll do my best to be as positive and optimistic as possible.

Part 1 : 500-475 The Bottom of the Barrel
Part 2 : 474-450 The Dregs
Part 3 : 449-425 Climbing the Ladder
Part 4 : 424-400 Above Ground
Part 5 : 399-375 Firmly Planted
Part 6 : 374-350 A Positive Outlook
Part 7 : 349-325 A Running Start
Part 8 : 324-300 Over the Horizon
Part 9: 299-275 Daydreaming
Part 10: 274-250 Steadily Improving
Part 11: 249-225 We’re Halfway There
Part 12: 225-200 Goal in Sight

*Header image provided by Xavier Jasso & Rick Mullins