Mega Man 7 (1)

Genre: Platformer
Year: 1995
Developed by: Capcom
Published by: Capcom
Platforms: SNES
Feeling Like: Not as lucky

No dawdling please, ladies and gentlemen! Right this way, if you would be so kind as to close the door behind you. Yes, we’ll need everybody’s full attention for this next exhibit. Sir? No, you still can’t smoke. As you can tell by the lack of sky and absence of direct sunlight, we are still indoors. My appreciation for your patience, of course.

Now, if you’ll let your eyes wander to the screen, you’ll see here a high resolution shot of Mega Man 7, a more curious member of one of gaming’s most storied franchises. It all started in the year 1995 – back then, Capcom was making a new Mega Man game every week so it wasn’t entirely surprising that they’d made a seventh entry in their series. What WAS surprising was how they went about it.

Allow me to explain. As you can see, the sprites are significantly larger than the NES games and the pace remains roughly the same, if not a bit slower. The challenge was decreased and there were fewer bosses to choose from in the first half of the game. This was meant to ease newcomers to the series and WAIT! No no, please stay here. Yes, I know the Mega Man X room is around the corner. Yes, I know Mega Man X2 had come out around the same time and was far more interesting. But that doesn’t mean Mega Man 7 is completely bereft of merit! COME BACK!

Well, I suppose there’s no way of forcing those people to come back, but I am delighted to see there are a few who have stayed. Now, where was I?

Mega Man 7 (4)

Ah yes! Interestingly enough, Capcom decided to continue the main series while still developing the Mega Man X series alongside it on the same console. It was released near the end of the Super Nintendo’s life cycle, but regardless, you’re looking at a stellar example of colorful, bright and fun platformy shooting with your favorite blue bomber.

While Mega Man 7 didn’t invent the wheel, it did introduce the rival Bass and his purple robot dog Treble. The game also contains a soothing soundtrack, from the very first tune in the opening level, to Shade Man’s theme, which you can hear playing on the speakers now. Don’t forget! – if you hold “B” during Stage Man’s introduction, you’ll get the Ghosts n’ Goblins theme instead. A classic Capcom cookie! What’s that madam? Yes, there are indeed many Capcom cookies in the cafeteria! If you wouldn’t mind holding on, my presentation is nearly over and you can indulge yourself to your waists’ content in just a few moments. A very gracious thank you.

Mega Man 7 (2)
Dr. Wily is still obsessed with skulls and looking like Tony Kornheiser.

Although I suppose I am forgetting myself; Mega Man 7 actually did introduce another game play feature to the Mega Man series. Using various boss abilities had the potential to alter the environment itself. This could mean changing the weather to a more favorable climate, or creating platforms where there were none before. Additionally, you could collect wrenches to spend at the shop in between stages. Between altering the levels and saving up for a rainy (or not so!) day, re-visitation of previous areas was encouraged.

Bridging the gap between the old and the new, that’s what this is all about. You’ll notice that throwbacks to the older NES games exist! You’ll spot former bosses in the background, such as Pharaoh Man from Mega Man 4 and Heat Man from Mega Man 2. You’ll even square off against Guts Man from the original Mega Man. Hold your applause, please, I didn’t make the game.

But I am thrilled that you’ve enjoyed your time with me. That is the official end of the tour, you can see some clips of bonus footage from the game over here. You can gaze upon such achievements as obtaining Protoman’s shield and a speed run in which somebody far more capable than I will rush through the game, faster than it took me to give you all an idea of what Mega Man 7 is, and was, all about. Thank you! You may now applaud, if you so desire. Hello?

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