Genre: Platformer
Year: 1993
Developed by: Virgin Games USA / Disney Software
Published by: Sega
Platforms: Genesis, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Feeling Like: Singing

I can show you a world
Shiny, Challenging, Splendid
Tell me friends, now when did you
Last play a Disney game?

I can open your minds
Take you level by level
Up and down, but mostly right
On a magic carpet ride

A whole new game (in 1993)
But the same 2D point of view
Difficult scenarios,
Where the hell do I go?
I really hope there’s no areas with snow….

A whole new game! (in 1993)
A dizzying gauntlet of traps and spikes
But when you’re Prince Ali
With Abu and Genie
No time to fear, just pull up those bootstraps

I really wish these stages had maaaaps

KEEP SINGING! …wait, wrong Disney movie

Unbelievably tough
Think I’ll play it on Easy
Animations are awesome,
I swear they look just like the film
A whole new game! (in 1993)
Though not that much variety to see
Still better than The Lion King
Or The Jungle Book
Murdering guards with apples fills me with glee

Now you’re getting why I like Aladdin

Where the hell is Jasmine?
Maybe she knows that I’m a fake
When did Jafar turn into a snake?
I don’t have power ups for Sultan’s Sake
How am I supposed to describe the ending to you?

A whole new game
A whole new game! (in 1993)
That’s where I’ll be
That’s where I’ll be! (in 1993)
A platformer of yore
With little to no gore
For you and me

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