Genre: Action Adventure
Year: 2011
Developed by: Arrowhead Game Studios
Published by: Paradox Interactive
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, iOS, Android
Feeling Like: A muggle

Oh, man! This game seems enjoyable, I can only imagine how much better it would be if my goodliest friend, Dave R, would join me in my Magicka(l) quest. I’ll message him on Steam.

H:“Hey Dave! I’m playing this awesome game called Magicka. Care to join me?”

D: “That sounds great! Wow, only ten bucks? I’m sold! I don’t even know what it’s about, but the fact that we can do online co-op throughout the entire campaign sounds too tempting to resist.”

H: “I’m glad you put it so exposition-ally, old bean! Let’s get right into it.”

D: “Hmm, I’m confused. Do I join your game or…?”

H: “Yeah. Hang on, I don’t see you. Wait, I see you in the lobby! Ok, this interface isn’t exactly the most intuitive for multiplayer. Age of Empires 2, it isn’t.”

D: “Never mind that, the game is starting up. HA! This guy’s voice is hilarious!”

H: “It sure is!”

(Boisterous laughter occurs)

D: “Who is this Vlad guy fooling? He’s TOTALLY a vampire.”

H: “Even though he’s speaking gibberish, a la Banjo-Kazooie, he sounds just like Bela Lugosi. Hey Dave, did you know Bela Lugosi only spoke that way because he was Hungarian, didn’t speak a lick of English and spoke his lines in Dracula phonetically?”

D: “Wow, what an interesting piece of trivia, Henry! You’re full of useless (useful) facts.”

H: “I’m already super impressed with how colorful and light hearted this game’s world is.”

D: “It reminds me of World of Warcraft a little bit. Definitely digging the vibe. The gibberish isn’t wearing thin on me either, I love hearing random NPCs talk!”

H: “Controls are a bit sluggish, but the fact that we have EIGHT different elements of spells to toy around with is overwhelmingly fun to experiment with.”

D: “Whoa, I can do an area of effect, single target AND enchant my weapon with all the spells? This is insane!”

H: “Uh, check your sights there Ramirez. Looks like you just killed me.”

D: “Are you sure? I think I just walked off the screen.”

H: “It’s irrelevant now, because the game just booted me. You still in game?”

D: “Yeah…I think…wait…well, I’m in game, but we’re both dead.”

H:Magicka seems super buggy. Is this still in alpha or beta?”

D: “Doesn’t seem like it. How did they think this was ready for launch?”

H: “We’ve got a real Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker going on here.”

D: “….Huh?”

H: “Ignore me, stupid joke. I’ll edit that out later.”

D: “Edit…whaa? Oh hey, you’re back!”

H: “Yeah, let’s do this!”

D: “Are you kidding me? We can COMBINE our spells to make even more powerful versions? Hey Henry, lay down an arcane bolt and cross it with mine.”

Like this!

H: (vastly impressed) “I wonder how many spells we can combine?”

(Hours later)

D: “Ok, seemingly all of them. This is quite an ambitious project, I can’t even calculate how many ways we can work together.” (Accidentally kills Henry)

H: (Semi-Accidentally kills Dave)

D: “We have to stop killing each other, otherwise we’re never going to beat this game.”

H: ” I don’t think we CAN beat it, the game won’t let us load Chapter 11.”

D: “I know, I’m disappointed too. I liked how a lot of environments could be traversed with the spells. Like using ice to walk on water, or have a fire shield up to traverse through lava. Oh, and just looking it up online real quick, I’m seeing that the developers are hard at work patching the game and will make the game more steady with daily updates. I’d better go, it’s 3am here, but that was great!”

H: “Always good playing with you buddy. I proclaim Magicka to be an incredibly unique experience that needed another month or two to fix the online portion and random crashes.”

D: “I agree! I’d also like to proclaim that typing in combination of spells is vastly rewarding and I always felt adequately geared to handle the challenges. I’d play Magicka 2 in a heartbeat.”

H: “Me too! All the best buddy!”

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