Mighty Final Fight(2)

Genre: Beat ’em Up
Year: 1993
Developed by: Capcom
Published by: Capcom
Platforms: NES, Gameboy Advance
Feeling Like: Mighty Mouse

Mighty Final Fight was released on June 11, 1993. I had no clue it was launched so late in the NES’ lifecycle. For reference, Super Mario World on the SNES came out nearly THREE YEARS prior. Thus is the fate of somebody who wouldn’t have regular access to a SNES until a few years later; they are forced to scavenge and seek the back section of Spotlight Video for any NES games that appeared eye-catching.

This game certainly did. Even back then, I knew Capcom by reputation. They were the dudes who made Mega Man. And a lot of Disney TV show video games. They could do no wrong in my eyes. Here we go.

Mighty Final Fight(3)

I’ll always have a soft spot for Beat ’em Ups. So simple, so easy to jump in. They usually allow for a friend to join (though not in this case), it’s clear to see where you on the screen and where your enemies are. The UI is typically uncluttered and it’s nearly impossible to get lost. It may be a faded genre now, but I still love them.

I usually detest the chibi style art but for some reason here I found it really worked for me. The game looks fantastic for the NES – backgrounds are colorful and varied, enemies look appropriately goofy, even the fighting animations are relatively smooth. Giant heads and wacky eyes usually cause me visual discomfort, but not here.

Mighty Final Fight(4)
Good looking dude!

What a joy. The controls are a breeze, the music is surprisingly catchy. One of the bosses even refills your health before you go toe-to-toe! Such class and energy from a surprising source. The theme from the first stage still gets me fired up. It doesn’t sound all that far off from a Mega Man theme; Capcom, of course.

I always picked Haggar. Pro wrestling moves and the most amount of health? AND he’s the mayor? AND he’s hilariously angry in all the cut-scenes? I’m there, table for one in the sunroom please. Yes, I’d love a Coke. May I see the pizza list?

Mighty Final Fight(5)
I am THIS close to finding Mighty Final Fight and playing it again.

This will be a very short entry, but that’s Mighty Final Fight for you. It’s not deep, it’s not sophisticated, it’s not trying to be anything except a delightfully rowdy romp with goofy looking fighters saving the day. That’s it!

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