Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Year: 2008
Developed by: Media Molecule
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms: PS3, PS4, PSP, Vita
Feeling Like: LittleBigPotential

I’m confused as to why Sackboy didn’t catch on more. Maybe it’s the name?

He’s such a cute little guy. Endearing smile, unique design. It seemed for a moment that this franchise would be an insane hit for Sony; we saw seven iterations for the franchise in six years, but nary a peep since 2014. Maybe Minecraft ate its lunch? Super Mario Maker and the New Super Mario Bros. games did what LittleBigPlanet did, but with superior controls and an established fanbase.

Maybe the odds were just stacked against it. Maybe it was the floaty controls, or the inability to easily tell which 2-dimensional plane you were on. Maybe the platforming engine didn’t hold up to scrutiny when tougher levels presented themselves.

Regardless, I had fun with it. But, I must confess, I totally forgot about it until now.

How can you forget such a cute face?

Much like many of my times with my University/Bigelow friends, the time spent was fleeting, alcohol influenced and a haze in my memory. But I do recall hosting Randy, Dave, Fuzz and Lipsit at my first apartment with Dobbo in View St. We wrangled together the necessary controllers and let loose.

It’s a fun premise. There are user created levels that all four of you with your custom made Sackboys (ok, it was definitely the name) can waddle your way through. The music is catchy, the design is impossibly charming. Stephen Fry narrates and you just want to smile and smile and smile. It’s as if a toybox exploded and was somehow digitized on the screen.

This must have been a SPOOKY toybox!

There are mini competitions among your party, as the highest scorer would get a special prize at the end. Co-operative, but also competitive. Hmm, now that I think about it, I think the newer Rayman games did this better too. You know, I’m starting to feel sorry for LittleBigPlanet. Nobody talks about it anymore, yet it really did start a trend…or was just an unfortunate casualty of the trend itself? Hard to say.

In any case, I’ll fondly remember us dolling up our guys with cliche Russian garments, giant Sombreros and…you know what, there’s another reason why LittleBigPlanet may have worn out it’s welcome. In today’s political climate, it may not be wise to allow online gamers to dress up their players as [insert any minority/race/offensive imagery here] and run amok online.

Trust me, I work for an online gaming company. Players can be…passionate about these sorts of things, both being the offender, and the offendee. Maybe it’s best that it didn’t flourish, but it sure was a hell of a good time traversing a playground of jumps, skateboards, swings, platforms and more with your fellow, adorable university drinking buddies. Er, I mean, Sackboys. From Sackville.

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